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Lactoferrin CAS146897-68-9 Nutrient Enhancer Antibacterial Antiviral Antitumor

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Lactoferrin CAS146897-68-9 Nutrient Enhancer Antibacterial Antiviral Antitumor

Lactoferrin CAS146897-68-9 Nutrient Enhancer Antibacterial Antiviral Antitumor
Lactoferrin CAS146897-68-9 Nutrient Enhancer Antibacterial Antiviral Antitumor Lactoferrin CAS146897-68-9 Nutrient Enhancer Antibacterial Antiviral Antitumor Lactoferrin CAS146897-68-9 Nutrient Enhancer Antibacterial Antiviral Antitumor

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YUECUI
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: Pharmaceutical grade
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1KG-1000KG
Price: dollar 1KG $860 per kilogram $840 a kilo for more than 50 kilos
Packaging Details: 25KG 25 kilos a barrel
Delivery Time: 5-8
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, D/P, L/C
Supply Ability: 50000KG

Lactoferrin CAS146897-68-9 Nutrient Enhancer Antibacterial Antiviral Antitumor

Product Name: Lactoferrin Appearance Trait: Pink Powder
Function: Nutrient Enhancer
High Light:

Lactoferrin CAS146897-68-9


Lactoferrin Antibacterial Antiviral Antitumor


Lactoferrin Nutrient Enhancer

Lactoferrin CAS146897-68-9 Nutrient Enhancer Antibacterial Antiviral Antitumor

Basic overview.




lactoferrin (LF) is an important non-heme iron-binding glycoprotein in milk and a monomer glycoprotein with bactericidal activity in neutrophil granules. Its molecular weight is 80 kDa, and it is mainly expressed and secreted by mammary epithelial cells. In 1939, Sorensen et al. obtained a red protein when separating whey protein, and Polis et al. also obtained a partially purified red protein when separating Lp. However, only when Groves obtained pure red substance by chromatography in 1959 did they confirm that the red substance was a kind of glycoprotein bound with iron, called lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is not only involved in iron transport, but also has a broad spectrum of antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-cancer, immune system regulation and other powerful biological functions. It is considered as a new antibacterial and anti-cancer drugs and a food and feed additive with great potential for development.


However, the extremely broad market prospect of lactoferrin has attracted a number of international raw material suppliers to invest heavily in large-scale commercial production, among which the best is DMV of the Netherlands, the world's largest lactoferrin supplier, which supplies most of the milk powder used in Europe with lactoferrin. The purity of lactoferrin produced by the company is up to 97%, and it is the first lactoferrin raw material in the world that has passed the GRAS certification (recognized as a safe substance for use) by the US FDA, with high safety. Therefore, DMV is the raw material supplier of lactoferrin for a large number of clinical trials conducted by the US FDA.


On March 30, 2012, lactoferrin was listed in GB14880-2012 in China's National Standards for Food Safety -- Standards for the Use of Food Nutrition Fortifier, and identified as food nutrition fortifier


Scope of application.



Folding range



Lactoferrin is found in animal milk, especially colostrum, and provides a variety of biological functions for infants and young children, especially regulating immunity and defending against pathogenic microorganisms.


Lactoferrin is a safe and reliable natural substance extracted from cow milk. Its application in food has been recognized by many countries and regions. With the elucidation of the mechanism of action of lactoferrin and the expansion of its development and application, lactoferrin has broad application prospects in disease prevention and treatment, nutrition supplement, food and medicine preservative, cosmetics and so on.


Based on numerous research results and experiments, adding lactoferrin to infant formula food brings great significance. It can not only meet the needs of infant growth and development, but also play a protective role in infant health. According to the latest national standard GB14880, lactoferrin is listed as nutritional fortifier. But consumers in the purchase of such products, must look for health food blue cap logo, common food must have QS certification; And food for infants and young children must be made in a GMP certified workshop.


In the world's agricultural developed countries such as New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, the Netherlands, China, not only have the world's best milk source, but also pay more attention to immunity, absorption and other functional effects. Most of the high-end infant formula in these countries has added lactoferrin, an important component of breast milk.


Folding crowd



1. Pregnant and pregnant women: supplementation of lactoferrin can improve their resistance and effectively prevent or treat bacterial and viral infections during pregnancy and lactation; At the same time, promote iron absorption and prevent anemia in pregnant women.


2. Non-breastfeeding, mixed feeding infants: lactoferrin is the core immune protein in breast milk, which can help infants resist bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms, prevent viral respiratory tract infection and diarrhea and other common infant diseases; At the same time, it can promote the growth and development of infants and enhance hematopoietic function, and build the first line of defense for the healthy growth of infants, "eat breast milk babies less sick" is the truth.


Unfortunately, by the end of 2012, there was still very little lactoferrin added to the infant formula on the market, which is the most essential difference between formula and breast milk. Therefore, for non-breastfeeding children, mixed feeding children, eating formula milk powder at the same time, additional lactoferrin, can greatly improve the deficiency of formula milk powder, make its nutritional composition more inclined to breast milk!


3. Iron deficiency anemia patients: lactoferrin can effectively promote iron absorption. Clinical trials have proved that the absorption rate of iron combined with lactoferrin is 4 times that of iron supplementation alone. The intake of lactoferrin in iron-deficiency anemia patients can reduce the intake of iron preparation and enhance the effect of iron supplementation. At the same time, the intake of lactoferrin can also significantly relieve the stimulation of iron on the intestinal tract.


4. People with low immunity: most of the weak and sick people have low resistance, and lactoferrin can help them stimulate, establish, repair and improve the immune system and enhance the ability of disease resistance.

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